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Get Support

Whether you are a cancer survivor, a patient, or a family member, you already know how difficult the cancer journey can be.

To help you navigate this confusing and difficult process, I’ve built a cancer support community that allows you to share your journey with fellow fighters, survivors, and supporters. Our cancer support group includes everyone that is in between cancer diagnosis to treatment as well as concerned loved ones.

With our online support, you’ll never have to feel like you are facing this challenge alone.

Passion Test

Find out about your true passion.

When you are clear about your passions and align your life to them, that’s when you feel your life energy flowing inside of you, healing any wound, past experiences, or sorrows that need to heal.

Knowing your passions is the first step towards living a healthy and fulfilled life. Passions are the clues to your life’s purpose. When someone knows their life purpose, work doesn’t seem like work, time doesn’t count, every single moment seems to be a blessing.

Listen to your body. Your inner voice knows where to go and what is good for you better than your conscious mind (also known as your ego!)

When one lives one’s passions, the fear of cancer flies away.

We can explore your passions in a one-on-one session or as part of a workshop.

Subscription Community Coaching (New!)

Let's learn from each other.

Our subscription cancer coaching is our newest offering. Whether you are looking to supplement your one-on-one sessions or you are new to the world of holistic cancer treatment and don’t know where to start, this service is for you.

These online weekly sessions are for anyone and everyone who has had to face the fight of cancer. My subscription sessions have been designed to be all-inclusive for fighters, survivors, and supporters, helping to create a community of like-minded individuals who all have a common goal – to overcome and conquer their battle with cancer.

Each week I will be hosting a weekly group meeting with my clients to discuss topics that contribute to their cancer journey. From sparking deep self reflection to identifying common fears that may be holding us back, we will use these sessions to become more informed about our health, learn how to change negative thought patterns, and ultimately grow and reform above cancer.

Instead of courses that build upon the class before, each session is its own unique lesson, so you can join in whenever you’re ready.

Personal Coaching

Dig deeper into your own healing potential.

Learn how to face reality, express your emotions, release your limiting beliefs, let go of all the excuses, reprogram your mindset, see life differently, and make the necessary changes to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially.

Personalised coaching with cancer coach Catherine Schopfer who has been there herself. Get all the necessary tools to blast through barriers and fears, rebuild your life and thrive.

I’ll give you the cancer support you need to overcome your biggest hurdles during recovery. Whether you use our sessions as a supplement to your cancer treatment or you are striving to end your cancer journey once and for all, I’ll help you achieve optimal health and well being for a happier, healthier you.