How to Adjust to Life After Cancer

You've overcome one of the hardest things you've ever gone through. Let me help you adjust to your unique life after cancer. Get a free 60-minute consultation from a cancer coach who gets it.

Get the Emotional Support You Need

Not ready for coaching, but still want tips and advice on how to thrive after cancer?

Learn to Thrive After Cancer

As you continue living your life after the challenges of cancer treatment, take control of your emotions and success.


Passion Test Workshop

Join my workshop to find your best strategy to thrive after your cancer experience.


Integrative Group Coaching

Work with others going through the same phase of life. Get the support you need in this transition.


One-on-One Coaching

I want to help you work through your personal challenges and help you overcome.

Finding Peace in Life After Cancer
Finding Peace in Life After Cancer

Creating Hope & Happiness For Others


Let Me Help You Adjust

Mindset Coach | Life Transformer | Cancer Survivor

My name is Catherine Schopfer had to learn to adjust to life after cancer. I've found the hope I needed to really thrive in my life. I want to share my experience with you to help you achieve your peace as well.