How to Find Your Passion In Life


What would your life look like if you actually pursued your passion? Would you live in a different city or work at a different job? Do you find yourself making the same common mistakes that hold you back from your passions? Whether we want to realize it or not, most of us are so lost in what we want out of life that we can’t even identify our inner passions and goals. 

However, finding true passion, whether that’s with your career or your personal goals, is what gives you a life purpose to keep moving, keep growing, and keep evolving into the best version of yourself. 

If you don’t know what you’re passionate about, a simple test can help you uncover your core passions. A Find Your Passion Test is designed to help you uncover the right path to a fulfilling life. Whether it’s chasing your perfect career or following a dream you were too scared to pursue, a passion test can help you find a clear vision on what brings you happiness and purpose in life. 

What Is Your Passion?

Passion, a concept that’s so raw and natural and yet seems so difficult to obtain. At its foundation, passion is a strong feeling or desire. As humans, we all have passions within us, however, insecurities and doubts can often overshadow them.

You may have read about people who have dedicated their entire life to becoming the greatest ultramarathon runner or someone who is an advocate for a cause they truly believe in. In these individuals, it’s easy to see their life calling. Maybe your own role model has displayed a clear passion for something in their life and it’s made you question your own purpose. 

In this article, we are going to discuss what it means to find your passion, how the passion test works, and then discuss the benefits of finding your passion during cancer treatment. 

The Importance of Finding Your Passion


Finding your passion is truly the key to happiness. When you don’t know your life purpose, you can feel lost, confused, unmotivated, and doubtful. You find yourself living a life of monotony, never setting new goals or challenging yourself beyond your means. Why? Because you haven’t found your purpose to guide you.

Most people feel restricted by their limiting beliefs, hesitations, and inner self-doubt. This inner critic that says you’re not good enough can become paralyzing, making you afraid of failure before you even begin to try. Once we are in this state, it can feel impossible to get out, leading us to compare ourselves to others. This inner self-doubt and criticism can lead to devastating consequences for our overall health and well-being.

When you are able to uncover your passion, it’s as if the storm has cleared and you can see a clear vision of what you need to do. By identifying and committing to your passion, you can then set obtainable goals, surpass limiting beliefs, and become the best version of yourself. 

Why Is Finding Your Passion Important During Cancer Treatment?

When you are diagnosed with cancer, your world feels like it has been flipped upside down. You are confused, frightened, and hesitant to make any moves. You may feel completely out of touch with yourself, leading you to feel more lost than ever before.

In this intense period of uncertainty, now is the best time to find your passion. Finding your passion will give you direction and a purpose. This new drive will help you stay motivated, positive, and determined to heal yourself from the inside out. 

When going through cancer treatment, it is common to feel confused and out of touch with yourself. When working towards your goals, you are able to see a greater picture of life after post recovery. This inner drive and passion is what’s going to fuel a sense of happiness and motivation during the toughest moment of your life. 

What Is My Passion Test: How it Works


Looking to do a “How to Find Your Passion” Test? This science-backed approach is an excellent tool to help you identify your hopes and dreams in life. The Passion Test is a S-Y-S-T-E-M (Save Yourself Time, Energy and Money) developed by Janet Bray and Chris Attwood, co-authors of the NY Times bestseller, The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose.

This powerful ideology is meant to awaken individuals to recognize their passions, set goals, and achieve optimal happiness. This tool also outlines the transformational principles needed to make the necessary changes to follow your life purpose. 

The passion test process uses a set of questions to help individuals find their top 5 passions in life. Once you are able to pinpoint these passions, you can then devise a personal path on how you are going to achieve this destiny. 

The “What Is My True Passion In Life” Test ultimately allows you to identify what brings you the most happiness and provides valuable tips and advice on how to achieve it. However, another major factor that the passion test analyzes is how to rid your mind of negative beliefs, insecurities, and roadblocks that may be mentally holding you back. By providing self-directed tools, you’ll be able to identify these mental hurdles, overcome them, and get one step closer to your life’s purpose. 

As a passion test facilitator, I use the passion test as an effective tool to help all my clients reach their greatest potential. To help guide my clients to success, I conduct passion test workshops where I individually help each client discover their passions, create a clear plan for their vision, identify their limiting beliefs, and set obtainable goals. 

Below I’ll be explaining everything that’s included in my passion test workshop.

What’s Included in a Passion Test Workshop?

In my workshops, I help guide individuals through the “Find my Passion” Test and provide expert advice throughout the entire process. In my workshops, my clients learn:

  • Their top 5 passions 
  • How to align their life with their passions to experience more joy and fulfilment
  • Simple strategies to overcome obstacles, fear, and challenges that are preventing them from living their ideal life
  • The tools they need to better understand their body in order to help them avoid disease and live a life aligned with their passions.
  • The formula for creating whatever they choose to have in their life
  • The one secret to guaranteeing a passionate, meaningful and prosperous life

By attending one of my passion test online workshops, you will be able to learn the key insights on what it takes to achieve a higher level of happiness and purpose. 

Each passion test workshop includes an online questionnaire for every participant which asks critical questions about your interests and desires. From there, we will go over the results from your “Discover Your Passion” Test and refine your top 5 answers. From there, I will help you create a personalized plan on how you can work towards reaching these goals and eliminate any inner barriers that might be holding you back. 

As a cancer health coach, I help my clients analyze all aspects of their life and make the necessary changes in order to live a happy, healthy, and purposeful life. If you are ready to find your life’s purpose and uncover your core passions, sign up for one of my online passion test workshops today. 

Looking to learn more about the passion test? Check out our passion test Q&A to find out more!

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