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Handling Emotions During Cancer


Handling Emotions
During Cancer

Are you having a hard time handling emotions during cancer?
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Not ready for coaching, but still want tips and advice on how to thrive after cancer?

Learn to Handle Cancer Like a Boss!

Cancer can be harsh and discouraging, bringing us to a low place in our emotions. Let’s work together to find happiness in the moment.


Passion Test Workshop

I have a passion for helping other in handling emotions during cancer. Come see for yourself!


Integrative Group Coaching

There is power in numbers. Find your support system and learn together.


One-on-One Coaching

I can help you through your personal and unique experience, giving you tools to thrive.

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Creating Hope &
Happiness For Others

“A great woman, experienced in business and life, able to inspire others. The coaching with Catherine has been like a door opener. I have started looking at things in a different way and can continue my work.”


“The coaching with Catherine helped me to reflect my personal beliefs and discover my drivers and barriers for a happier life. Although already some time ago, I still enjoy the impact. Until now it helps me to go through difficult situations. I have the ability to see positive things even if things really don’t go well, even to reflect ‘what’s the positive thing I can take out of this situation’. I’m able to drive my own decisions as I’m now aware what the important things are for me. It’s a journey which I recommend…”



Heal Your Emotions With Me

Mindset Coach | Life Transformer | Cancer Survivor

My name is Catherine Schopfer and I have a knack for helping you get in tune with your emotions during this difficult time.

I learned from personal experience about handling emotions during cancer after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. I want to help you manage your emotions, too.




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