Taking the Lead In Your Life

What is the Strive & Thrive Mindset Mastery Program?

To strive is to devote serious effort or energy to something.

In this program strive means to reconnect with yourself and live your own truth, your own passion.

Facing a challenge in life is a good time to stop and take look at your life and what you’ve been doing with it. It’s time to face reality and put aside any denial, pretension or avoidance.

The challenge can take many forms. For some it may be purely mental, for others it can have a physical manifestation. A tension or a disease is the body’s way of telling you that something is terribly wrong – that there is an enormous imbalance in your life. But you don’t need to get a disease to make adjustments in your life and find a way to bring your special gifts to the world. A disease is really a dis-ease in your body that you’ve been carrying around for too long.

To strive is to take responsibility for your life and make the necessary changes to thrive. It’s only when you take control of your life that you can start the healing process. Thriving means living a life with intention and a sense of purpose, with passion and clarity.

The goal of The Strive & Thrive Mindset Mastery Program is to help you find your truth. To help you peel off the layers and unfold your true nature. This will help you start living an authentic life every day. It will help you understand your old belief system, overcome your limitations, fulfill your potential, gain independence, find your purpose and learn to reflect on the past while thriving in the present.

Life’s challenges can be the starting point of your transformation and the trigger for creating your dream life!

  • Find the strength and learn the tools to relaunch your life and regain your confidence.
  • Unlearn old habits and beliefs, start using new tools to process and overcome emotional traumas and exhausting patterns.
  • Stop feeling like a victim of circumstance and start seeing the opportunities to evolve and grow.
  • Get clear on your purpose and set new life goals aligned with your heart’s desire.
  • Design a personal success strategy for your future, in perfect alignment with your life energy and calling.

How can The Strive & Thrive Program help you?

  • 12 Personal Development Modules with reflecting exercises in between the sessions to dive deeper and start getting your first results.
  • 6 months of coaching to give you the tools to Strive and Thrive for the rest of your life.
  • 12 x 90 min online group coaching calls with Catherine Schopfer to help you gain a deeper understanding of the modules, share your challenges, your success stories, get clarity and decide on the next steps you want to take.
  • Tools to blast through barriers and fears and rebuild your confidence.
  • Flash-coaching when necessary (10-15 minute sessions over the phone or online communication method of your choosing).
  • Online access to videos, coaching worksheets and other resources.
  • A single hour-long 1-on-1 coaching session with Catherine (delivered online)
  • Unlimited access to a confidential Strive & Thrive Facebook group, only accessible to the Strive & Thrive Coaching participants, where you will be able to read information from your coach, ask questions, post messages, share your successes, your challenges and get extra support 24/7 in total confidentiality.

What does The Strive & Thrive Program focus on?

The Coaching is available in English.

Learn how setting goals, taking action and getting clear fuels your transformation; Gain valuable insight into negativity and fear and how this impacts your life.

Discover your beliefs, including your limiting beliefs; Apply ten techniques to release unwanted feelings and clear your mind of negative dialogue.

Understand your conscious and subconscious minds and how they interact; Incorporate the use of Vision Boards and design your future.

Identify stress points in your life and how to reduce them; Focus more on the positive in all aspects of your life.

Achieve a more awakened state -one where you watch for inspiration; Increase courage and confidence so you can pursue opportunities and challenges with a greater sense of peace and certainty.

Apply the concept of “Turn It into Something Good” to both past and future life events; Learn how to deepen existing relationships and manifest financial health.

Discover the 5 Keys That Helped Me Overcome Cancer
– and it’s Not what you Think!

Get an impactful guide on thriving through cancer! Implementing these 5 practices have an immediate impact on how you cope with your health challenges and reveal strategies to avoid them altogether.

As a holistic cancer coach, I’ll be here to help guide you from diagnosis to recovery and every step in between.

Surviving is necessary. Thriving is elegant.

Maya Angelou