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Awaken Your Power – Online Program

Move From Surviving Cancer to Creating the Freedom to Live Fully Alive! with Catherine Schopfer and Shenal Arimilli THIS 6 WEEK JOURNEY IS FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO Are LOST, CONFUSED, OR SCARED and are seeking to take back your POWER to HEAL YOUR LIFE! Are trapped in repeating patterns rooted in STRUGGLE, CONFLICT, CHALLENGES...

$ 397 – $ 550

Awaken Your Power – The Keys to Master Vibrant Health

Zoom Event

FOR THOSE SEEKING TO TAKE BACK THEIR POWER TO MASTER THEIR HEALTH AND THEIR LIFE!   ABOUT THIS EVENT We invite you to join us on a 7-week journey to learn a powerful and successful integrated approach that WORKS! "Unlock the POWER of the MIND, the INTELLIGENCE of the BODY, the KNOWLEDGE of SCIENCE, and...

$297 – $397