Get Cancer Support

When you are dealing with cancer or are a cancer survivor, cancer support can be a great help. Get a free 60-minute consultation from a cancer coach who gets it.

Get the Emotional Support You Need

Not ready for coaching, but still want tips and advice on how to thrive after cancer?

Build Confidence, Peace-of-Mind, & Friendships

Creating bonds with others who have experienced similar challenges can give us strength and hope to overcome.


Passion Test Workshop

Take control of your emotions and learn how to thrive after cancer with others.


Integrative Group Coaching

Dealing with cancer is better in a group. Let's encourage and help each other through this.


One-on-One Coaching

Even support from one person who understands can make all the difference in recovery.

Get the Cancer Support You Need

Creating Hope & Happiness For Others

I'm Here to Support You

Mindset Coach | Life Transformer | Cancer Survivor

My name is Catherine Schopfer and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. My experience was changed due to the support I received from loved ones and coaches. Let me help you overcome, too!