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Group Community Coaching

No one should ever feel like they have to face cancer alone. That’s why we’ve created our cancer support groups. With this service, individuals will have the opportunity to not only learn more about different holistic cancer treatment approaches, but they’ll also get to meet and learn from other fighters and survivors who have also been faced with a cancer diagnosis.


Each weekly session offered through our online support group is unique and covers a wide variety of topics.

The main objective of this group is to help individuals at all stages of their battle with cancer overcome challenges, identify individual obstacles within their lives, and learn tools on how to overcome them.

Each week we will have a theme for that session.

In these sessions, we create a conversation around this topic, break into smaller groups for personal discussion, and end with a Q&A where each patient can ask their questions to Catherine.

What we love about these cancer support groups is that each session is unique, which means you can join in whenever you’d like. Whether you are looking for extra support for your one-on-one cancer care sessions with Catherine or you have just started normal cancer treatment and want to learn more about holistic approaches, this health coaching group is for you.


Other survivor’s experiences

“A great woman, experienced in business and life, able to inspire others. The coaching with Catherine has been like a door opener. I have started looking at things in a different way and can continue my work.”


“The coaching with Catherine helped me to reflect my personal beliefs and discover my drivers and barriers for a happier life. Although already some time ago, I still enjoy the impact. Until now it helps me to go through difficult situations. I have the ability to see positive things even if things really don’t go well, even to reflect ‘what’s the positive thing I can take out of this situation’. I’m able to drive my own decisions as I’m now aware what the important things are for me. It’s a journey which I recommend…”


“Catherine was an inspiration to me. I felt connected because she had gone through similar situations and her being so strong, gave me the courage to say ‘yes’ to the coaching sessions. And my ‘gut feeling’ was right : Catherine appeared to be a coach that really helped me in many ways : finding my goal, taking care of my health, getting organized and above all believing in myself!”


Topics Covered

Whether you have just been diagnosed or are in recovery, your journey is never truly over.  My group sessions have been designed to be all-inclusive for fighters, survivors, and supporters, helping to create a community of like-minded individuals who all have a common goal – to overcome and conquer their battle with cancer.

From discussions that spark deep self-reflection to classes on holistic health, this support group will cover a wide variety of subjects that will help you take hold of your health and fight your battle with cancer to your greatest potential. Potential cancer care topics may include:

  • How to identify your purpose in life
  • Nutrition for cancer survivors and patients
  • Cancer prevention tips
  • How to manage and deal with your emotions
  • How to clear limiting beliefs
  • The importance of confidence and courage
  • The power of positive thinking

If you are looking for a cancer support group to guide you along your cancer journey, this is an excellent place to start. Whether you are a caregiver, a cancer patient, or a concerned family member, anyone is welcome to join these counseling sessions. 


As a cancer patient or cancer survivor, every day can pose new challenges. Find the community and social support you need to overcome this difficult time by signing up for our online support group today.

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