A Cancer Coach
Who’s Been There

Let's Overcome Cancer Together! Come and See How a Health and Wellness Coach Can Help Guide You Through Treatment and Recovery.

Discover the 5 Keys That Helped Me Overcome Cancer - and it’s not what you think!

Get an impactful guide on thriving through cancer! Implementing these 5 practices have an immediate impact on how you cope with your health challenges and reveal strategies to avoid them altogether.

As a holistic cancer coach, I’ll be here to help guide you from diagnosis to recovery and every step in between.

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Cancer Is Only A Chapter, Not The Whole Book

Tap into your true potential and take the lead in your own life.

Through my cancer coaching services, I’ll teach you valuable tools that will help you reclaim your health and live a happier, healthier life. When working with me, you’ll never have to face this journey alone. Together we will create a personalized program that focuses on improving your overall health and well-being, one step at a time.

In each coaching session, we'll set both mental and physical health goals in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Through my health coaching, we'll work towards establishing healthy habits that will not only help you beat cancer but will prevent it from coming back in the future. If you’re looking to achieve long-term recovery, sessions with a cancer life coach can help you get there.

Passion Test

Learn about yourself and your true passions. Discover the secret to living your full potential.

Group Coaching

Be part of a supportive community where you can express your feelings and overcome your fears through cancer coaching and learning from each other.

As an experienced health coach, we will set wellness goals together and help keep the group accountable.

With my wellness coaching program, you’ll learn valuable skills on how to improve your well-being and overall health, two key factors that play a major role in treatment and recovery.

Personal Coaching

Take life into your own hands by starting sessions with a health and wellness coach.

Learn to face reality and make changes towards a healthy life and mindset.

With my wellness coaching program, we'll review your current lifestyle and outline integral changes that can help improve both your mental and physical health during cancer treatment.  

Our Facebook group is a supportive community of people facing the challenge of cancer. Cancer coach Catherine Schopfer offers you encouragement, coaching tools, informational articles, stress management tips, and suggestions.

The focus is on sharing questions, experiences, and information that can be helpful for everyone facing the challenge of cancer, whether you have it or are supporting a loved one. As a community we want to thrive again, we want to share and we want to live life to our full potential!


Other survivor's experiences


Cancer Was My Best Teacher

Cancer Survivor|Mindset Coach| Life Transformer

My name is Catherine Schopfer and my life came to a full stop when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012.

I have been there. Through my experience with cancer I learned to thrive and I want to help you do the same. I am an expert in resilience; how to regain your power after a challenge in life. With a systemic and integrative approach, we will look at the 5 pillars of health; physical, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial and reboot your life the way I did mine.

The time is now to face what is happening in the world. Focusing on yourself first in order to heal this worldwide epidemic called cancer! If you are looking for a health coach that practices integrative health techniques, you have come to the right place. Let’s set wellness goals together so you can live a happy, cancer-free life.

Working with a cancer coach helped me to take the reins in my life. I am so grateful for how I feel today that I want to guide others to overcome cancer and thrive.

Remove your fears and limitations and take hold of your own life! See how wellness coaching can help you overcome your battle with cancer today.